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San Domenico School

San Anselmo, California, USA | Co-educational Boarding School

Type of School: Co-Educational                                       

Year Levels: 9-12                                               Boarding School Years: 9-12

Number of Students: 320                               Student to Faculty Ratio: 8:1

At San Domenico (SD), we believe that what students do with their education is as important as their academic performance. We know that being a college preparatory school is not enough. Every day we encourage our students to not just study, but also to reflect on their learning, find their purpose, and celebrate in community, because an exceptional education, where values and academics join together, creates more than just great students—it develops great people.

As a K-12 day school with a total of 680 students and an international boarding program option for students in grades 9-12, one of the unique aspects of an SD education is our diverse student body. 80% of SD faculty hold advanced degrees. Our 515-acre campus, nestled in the hills of San Anselmo is a welcome “home away from home” for our students, faculty, parents, and alums. Our 168-year history as California’s first independent school gives us strength in character that lasts through time. It is with tremendous appreciation and humility that we carry on a tradition of inquiry, respectful discourse, a striving toward peace and social justice, and an inspired sense of purpose and service.

A San Domenico education doesn’t stop at simple acquisition of facts and figures. In pursuit of excellence and in support of academic curiosity, we encourage students to consider how diverse academic subjects offer distinct perspectives on our interconnectedness with all living things. As a result, we can guide our students in imagining and building a better world. Students matriculate to renowned schools such as UC Berkeley, NYU, Cornell, Tufts, USC, Stanford, Georgetown, and private liberal arts colleges.

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