About ABSI 

Choosing a school is a difficult and crucial decision. ABSI, is
the International Student Admissions Center for many quality junior and high schools. ABSI is not an overseas agent representative - however ABSI encourages families to work with the school/s approved education agents overseas and can recommend an agent to the family. 

The focus for ABSI is to assist families and agents to facilitate the admissions process on behalf of each school. The ABSI admissions staff work closely with valued and approved school education agent representatives around the world. ABSI also works closely with schools and organizations overseas seeking boarding schools in the USA.


Our team has been assisting families, students, organizations and selected agents with enrollment inquiries and questions, and further supporting and guiding them through each step of the admissions procedure collectively now for over 20 years worldwide.

Annie Weatherburn

President / Global Managing Director

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Grant Weatherburn

Vice President & Commercial Director

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ABSI Management and Overseas Consultant Team

ABSI - Global Operations Staff

Pauline Craig
ABSI: Enrolments (Australia and U.S.A.)
Deborah Hardwick
ABSI Enrolments
(Australia and U.S.A.)
Madiline Wishart
ABSI Enrolments, Support and Administration
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Global Development & Enrolments Manager
ABSI Consultant
ABSI Consultant
N.E. Asia
ABSI Consultant
S.E. Asia
ABSI Consultant
South Korea
ABSI Consultant
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