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Academy of the Holy Family

Baltic, Connecticut, USA | Catholic Girls Only Boarding School

Type of School: Girls                                         Religion: Catholic               

Year Levels: 9-12                                               Boarding School Years: 9-12

Number of Students: less than 80                Student to Faculty Ratio: 5:1

The Academy of the Holy Family (AHF), a Catholic secondary Day and Boarding school for young women, was founded in 1874 in the picturesque  New England countryside of Connecticut. Through a challenging curriculum built on a supportive spiritual foundation, AHF empowers young women from the United States and around the globe to achieve their full God-given potential to impact their world.

Because of its commitment to any girl who seeks such an environment regardless of ethnic background, country of origin, color, creed or the economic status of her family, the Academy makes every effort to keep tuition fees as low as possible, making quality Catholic education financially feasible. The AHF is committed to guiding students as they grow into young women of faith, intelligence, and strength.

The Academy of the Holy Family is a small friendly and loving school, with under 100 students in total (Years 9-12) ensuring each student receives quality attention. 

At the center of the AHF experience you will find students and teachers coming together as a community of teachers and learners in an environment that encourages the development of curious, lifelong learners.  In every corner of the beautiful campus and beyond, you will find success stories where students and adults learn from each other and grow together. The cycle of learning is not contained by the walls of traditional classrooms, as is evidenced by the student’s participation in online classes. 

The dedicated faculty is comprised of members of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church, and lay men and women.  They are all professional educators who understand the challenges of delivering curricula to young women. 

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