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Students: Learn What It Means to Sign the Form I-20

The Form I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student,” you receive from the Student and Exchange Visitor Program-certified school you wish to attend has a designated signature block where you must signin order to validate the Form I-20, you must sign the form.

Signing the Form I-20 means you agree:

  • To follow the rules and regulations required to maintain your F-1 or M-1 student status.

  • That all information provided on the Form I-20 is true and correct.

  • To enter and remain in the United States for the specific purpose of study, for the time it takes to fulfill that purpose.

  • To allow the Department of Homeland Security access to your student record that your designated school official (DSO) is required to maintain.

Please verify that all the information captured on your Form I-20 is correct before you sign it. If you realize there is an error on your Form I-20, contact your DSO so that they may fix the error and send you an updated Form I-20 to sign. Also, remember that, by signing the Form I-20, you are agreeing that you will maintain your status from the time you enter the United States until the time you depart.

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